Getting ready to move into a new home or office doesn’t have to cause a spike in anxiety. Follow these ten tips for a painless move and you’ll wonder why you ever thought moving was difficult!

I. Select a Great Moving Partner
Select a moving company with a great reputation, one that has the equipment and personnel to properly handle your move.

II. Envision Your Move
Before you pack the first box, take the time to envision where the belongings in your current home will be placed in your new residence. It will save moving partially unpacked boxes from room to room and help you make decorating decisions in advance. Sort and pack belongings to correspond with where they’ll be placed in the new house, rather than tossing items into boxes to be sorted out later.

III. Communicate Your Plan with Your Family
Nothing shuts down a great moving day faster than a family argument about furniture placement. Make sure everyone is on board with your plan before the movers arrive.

IV. Create a Moving Schedule
If you’ve never arrived at the new house to find the utilities off, consider yourself fortunate! It’s easy to forget essential details during a move without a schedule for getting them done. Here are some important details to include:
  • Schedule real estate closing or apartment lease signing
  • Arrange for shut-off and commencement of utilities
  • Meet with the moving company and arrange box delivery
  • Schedule arrival of moving company
  • Arrange mail forwarding
  • Notify business contacts such as banks of your change of address

V. Start Packing Early
One moving habit sure to bring on stress is waiting until the last minute to pack. Create a timeline for packing each room to avoid scrambling to stay ahead of the movers!

VI. Label Boxes Clearly
Still wondering what happened to that box of files lost in your last move? Clearly label every box three ways:
  • Which room it belongs in at the new house
  • What it containes
  • Who it belongs to

VII. To Avoid Breakage, Give Movers a Break
If packing your own belongings, help movers protect them by clearly labeling fragile items. In addition, use proper packing materials to protect precious belongings. Your moving company can help. Computer monitors hidden in a box of laundry are a recipe for disaster!

VIII. Disassemble Furniture to Prevent Damage
If you haven’t arranged to have the movers remove table legs or disassemble your antique four-poster, doing so yourself will save wear and tear and make moving them immensely easier.

IX. Keep it Clean
Take the time to clean dusty or soiled items before packing them. No one wants to do laundry or dust knickknacks the first night in their new home!

X. Clear the Decks on Moving Day
Blocked driveways and cluttered hallways slow down your move and create unnecessary safety hazards. Move vehicles to provide the closest access for moving trucks. Clear doorways and remove clutter like bicycles from stairways and halls.